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Just a reminder to myself, and anyone else who may need it, that the Doctor and Rose love each other and they are together and happy, and nothing will ever change that.
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i know this was intended as doctor/rose but i’m just in such a hardy x belle place right now that it’s all i can seeeeee like they finally get it together and after much cajoling he agrees to get a flat with her but then she’s the one to ultimately freak out about the commitment and how things ended the last time she moved in with a bloke so she jumps in a taxi and just tells the cabbie to drive bc she doesn’t know where she’s going and her eyes are blurry and she’s panicking and breathing too fast and about to lose it as they speed down the high street but then she gets a text from him that’s only two words but says so much and she takes a deep breath and tells the driver to take her home (via thebadddestwolf)
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